Toy Wobble Wag Giggle Ball For Pets

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The Wobble Wag Giggle ball is the interactive ball made for dogs to play with. With just a nudge from their nose, the ball goes off wobbling around and making engaging “play with me” sounds. Flexible, durable and made of phthalate-free vinyl so it's guaranteed safe for dogs, Wobble Wag Giggle ball requires no batteries and can be used indoors and outdoors. Fun for dogs of all ages!


  • Makes engaging “play with me” sounds
  • 15 x 15 CM Diameter
  • No batteries required
  • Tubes inside ball emits sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken
  • Keeps dogs entertained by engaging their natural instincts to play
  • 6 clutch pockets allow any size dog to pick it up
  • Keeps dogs happy, healthy and fit
  • Fun for dogs old and young
  • Use indoors or out
  • Made of flexible and durable pet safe, Phthalate-free vinyl

Please note: If like us your pooch destroys even the strongest of toys in minutes then this Wobble ball might not be ideal.

Toy Wobble Wag Giggle Ball For Pets