Magnetic Flashing Speed Induction Spheres

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  • Brand new and creative design
  • Guide and manipulate this colorful sphere in a variety of ways without touching it once
  • Use the different magnetic poles on your Power Rings to control your spheres
  • Make up tricks, battle your friends, or use them with compatible Trax sets (not included)
  • Made of environmental ABS and PVC materials
  • Built-in 3 button cells
  • A fun and easy way to relieve stress and increase focus
  • Always play on a smooth non-metallic surface


Trick Tips:

  • Beginner:
  • Figure 8: See how fast you can do a figure eight with the magneto spheres between two obstacles
  • Floater: Pick up the magneto spheres onto your ring while it continues to spin
  • Lasso: With the slightest moving in a lasso like shape, see if you can roll it under your thumb and pinky
  • Intermediate:
  • Flick start: With the magneto spheres spinning on your ring, quickly twist your hand so the magneto spheres back under control
  • Long spin: See how long you can keep your magneto spheres spinning wave your hand over the magneto spheres to speed up the spin
  • Advanced:
  • Dead start: Place your magneto spheres on a smooth surface without spinning it, wave the ring quickly over the magneto spheres to start the spin and get your sphere under control
  • Spin jump: Jump a three inch obstacle while staying in control and having the magneto sphere stick to the ring for the least amount of time possible
  • Size: 10x13x4.5cm
  • Suitable Age: above 5 years old
  • Material: Environmental ABS and PVC
Package included:
  • 1 x Magnetic Flashing Speed Induction Spheres


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Magnetic Flashing Speed Induction Spheres